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Because of the recent pandemic many companies realized the need for a biometric authentication card to significantly reduce person-to-person contact, and the need for dedicated services to maintain an edge.

VICAS and its Electronic Verification Registry Services

We understand that the word luxury has taken on many different meanings these days. For instance, in ‘the good old days’ we took freedom for granted. Today, while most countries are still dealing with the devastating consequences of the covid-19 pandemic, freedom may now be a luxury!

Because of that, we are working with various nations to gradually open the doors to freedom again, for everyone.

To help us achieve this goal, our VICAS global verification management team has developed an advanced verification program called the Fast Verify Procedure (FVP), which reduces the time needed to process test results and vaccination verification statuses.



Our mission is to deliver purposeful and state-of-the-art technologies that push, provoke and reset everyday boundaries to continue to stay one step ahead. We always look forward to provide solutions that make a difference. We take a systemic, forward-looking and preemptive approach to assessing potential and emerging risks to our objectives related to our business model.


Vicas with its unique products offering aims to disrupt failing systems and bring transparency and efficiency to the way digital assets, cryptocurrency storage and cross-border identity issue with payments are made, contracts are executed, and information is shared. Where risks have crystallized, we will focus on ensuring that effective remedial action is taken to tackle root causes of fraud with instant AML & KYC authentication. We view the future where the consumer obtains exposure to faster payments and secure systems where personal and financial data is protected.


Our purpose is to identify, respond promptly and effectively to emerging issues, before they cause significant harm to Fintech industry and fast pave blockchain technology, by partnering with secure and strong technology driven gateway and network alliance.

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Beyond Healthcare, We Provide Biometric Authentication in Payment Cards for Digital Banking

VICAS will tailor its biometric and digital services to our clients’ requirements.

We provide solutions that go beyond healthcare and payment cards, incorporating value added services such as security, privacy, and access management for organizations, governments and agents alike.

Technology Solutions

Insightful, intelligent solutions delivered by the experts. The ultimate payment card means success and revenue generation

The current pandemic has led us to think of many new scenarios, like “Time and Positioning”. Is your customer planning a trip, going to a ball game with the family, organizing a retreat with executives or just wanting to move some money from one account to another, securely?

Business Strategy

Do you want to upgrade your business payments card to the new biometric card everyone is talking about? We know a thing or two about biometric fingerprint payment cards. The transformation of the global banking sector is proof of our success. Banks globally plan to invest $9 billion to enhance their advanced payment systems. What are you planning for yours? Let’s help you to get there.

Relationship Building

Insightful, inThe value of digital banking with the biometric fingerprint payment card goes beyond ‘the lifestyle of luxury’ that comes with the account you offer your customers. It’s what differentiates you from others in the banking sector. Our relationship will put you ahead of those that can only wish the same for their customers. The ultimate payment card means success and revenue generation delivered by the experts.

Unique Case Studies


As a member of the International Student Financial Cooperative Network, any student exchange organization can profit from an array of benefits. Not only will they enrich student’s lives with unforgettable, new cultural experiences that are safe and secure, students can also be educated about financial management. Our digital banking products allow any organization to easily track spending and save on multinational transactions at the same time. Participating student exchange programs that offer the biometric payment card with a digital banking account, demonstrate that they care about their students’ safety.
Eunice Stanley
Student Exchange Coordinator

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Our partner’s VAX Passbook® eVaccine Passport™, Global VAX-Entry Card and Authentication Payment solutions are in compliance with ICAO, ISO and EU Frameworks and with the latest PCI DSS requirements for payment solutions, respectively. Our corporate business members and customers can be assured that verification and authentication are absolutely guaranteed.

Additional services are available to administering pharmacies, doctors’ offices, hospitals, laboratories and large organizations with numerous employees.