Vicas provides security and infrastructure products and services solution to critical digital assets for enterprise, consumers, institutional investor in payments, decentralized systems and blockchain industries. Vicas prioritizes security while providing the customer with an easy-to-use product offering and streamlined host of services.

VICAS focusing on Security from Health Security to Information Infrastructure Security

Focusing on Vaccine Administrators and Healthcare Providers with Universal Claim Benefits

Vicas’s hardware “Vaultchip” enables you to store your crypto private keys (the critical piece of information you need to authorize outgoing transactions on the blockchain network) in a secure hardware device. 

The principle focus for the Vaultchip hardware is to provide full isolation between your keys and your vulnerable smartphone.

VICAS provides verification and claims means with organizational management during the interoperability process. In addition to direct assistance, we also encourage you to establish a relationship with us for Health Claim Assurance if your organization need one, for dedicated corporate credit and billing.

Advanced Savings Technology Solutions for Government, States, Community Clients & Business Organizations

Our principal goal is to encourage the establishment of community healthcare organizations and to offer opportunities for faster claims and vaccination deductible services to all eligible individuals and entities. To achieve this goal, VICAS has developed an expedited interoperable program called the Fast Interoperability Procedure (FCP) with specific technology solutions immediately available to our clients.

Our connections with World Health Travel Cooperation & Development (WHTCD Benefit Foundation) has strong relationships with renowned travel partners and a solid business strategy. In addition, we offer innovative technology and services such as our vaccine travel assurance services; professional and management services; health and wellness counseling services and data verification support services.

We are primarily a healthcare technology organization that works with other private community organizations and institutions to effectively implement interoperable clinical healthcare solutions for their members and customers. We focus on offering an outstanding range of healthcare technology services for community based organizations.

More About VICAS

We have achieved success over the years by integrating and aligning with our clients in associated fields that include:

The objective of co-branding is to ensure wide visibility for you and to grow your business. Having experienced various economic times, our team has developed the wisdom to identify the best opportunities in both good and challenging times.

As a vaccine administrator, are you demanding a safe and secure advanced payment method? VICAS has you covered

Our Distinctive Features

How You, Other Independent Pharmacies & Association Members Help Each Other

Our processes have been efficiently established in order to allow for expansion into more territories and range of services.

VICAS offers our clients products and services that are both safe and secure so that your customers can make their health and vaccine records available anywhere in the world, at any time without the worry of compromising their privacy.

Our eHealth Passbook & eVaccine Passport solutions ensure our cooperative business members are in compliance with the latest ICAO standards and CDC Electronic Vaccine Record (EVR®) reporting requirements. You can be assured that your customer’s vaccine records are safe and secure.

As a cooperative business member, you can do more with our health or clinical interoperability solution. The flexible, easy and secure payment & claims reimbursement assurance safeguards your ability to be financially capable to serve your customers. Our technologies and approach may be different, but the overall goal is the same: To provide your customers with more reasons to use your services and buy more of your products.

Additional services available include the Prescription Card Program, Billing Funding and related government agencies clinical interoperability solutions for large healthcare enterprises, and corporate credit solutions.